Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Let me introduce myself

For those of you who are new to my page (which would be everyone since I'm just getting it started) let me tell you a little about myself. I'm a thirty-something new mom again. I say again because its been 7 years since I've had a newborn in the house. Most days I feel like a first time mom instead of one with a little experience under my belt! I don't have a career or job I go to outside the home, I am a full-time, stay-at-home mom. I really don't like using these terms because we are ALL full-time moms but for the sake of labels, these are mine. I'm a coupon-clipping, mini-van driving, grammatically challenged, occasionally crazy, wine drinking mama (I don't do all of these at the same time of course, although that does paint a funny picture). I'm a little controlling at times with a touch of OCD & anxiety but aren't most mothers this way? I mean that is how we get stuff done after-all!

This page will be a hodgepodge of information. So, I'm almost positive you'll find something to relate to among my posts. Be warned that I am not a good speller. I've actually come along way from how I use to be (thank you spell-check) but please try to overlook those errors if you're one of those people who are easily bothered by that. I'm hear to reveal my flaws, all the things that make us human. I love humor and the use of sarcasm. So, the wittier the better!

I'm on some new journeys this year. We recently found out that our 7 year daughter is considered "gifted". Of course some of you might only see that as being good news, as we did at first, however, we are slowly realizing this has MANY challenges that go along with it. I don't even like using the term "gifted" because it sounds very elitist, which we are not! It puts people on the defense most of the time and makes some uncomfortable but unfortunetly that seems to be the universal word used. I'll write separate posts about this issue for those that are interested.

My other journey is being a new mother again. Some of the new things she'll be doing I'm excited about, like when she'll tell me she loves me for the first time. However, other things like, potty-training, I could definitely do without. I'll occasionally share some advice on things that work for me and hopefully you'll find it useful. I'll always be honest and "real" so there's the chance I may offend. However, lets try to use humor and not take ourselves to seriously.

I'm also on a new spiritual journey too. I found a new Christian church that I enjoy going to and I even enrolled in a bible class there last fall. It wasn't the kind of class where women in bonnets sat around reading the bible while humming church hymns. Really, some people have weird perceptions of these types of groups! In all seriousness, I met 9 other amazing women who shared their life experiences with me. There's something comforting in knowing that other people have been through similar situations as you have. I guess there's safety in numbers right? There will be no preaching or judging done here by me though. Like I read on a bumper sticker one time, God is my pilot, I'm only the co-pilot. I use to think it was a corny saying but when we realize there is someone right next to us, guiding us and loving us, somehow the ride becomes a little less difficult.