Friday, September 3, 2010

My Sunshine

The leaves seemed to begin to fall earlier this year. It was still August but it already knew that summer was ending. School was about to begin and the days were starting to get noticeably shorter. Windows can now be left open to welcome in the autumn air. This year was different though. My daughter was going off to school for the first time. Her clothes in her closet were getting bigger and bigger with each passing season and there was no way to stop it. I looked forward to laying in bed with her at night. She still needed me there and wanted me there. Her voice was still high pitched and her words were sweet as she said goodnight. I didn't know how much longer I had before it would start to change. Would it begin gradually or happen suddenly? We thoroughly enjoy the months of summer because we know that spectacular time will eventually come to an end. When Fall is about to arrive we are able to predict it because we know what signs to look for. The trees no longer needs it's leaves and the flowers no longer need the sun. Is that how it is when our children grow? Has everything before now been our summer and a new season is about to begin? I guess it's already began. The list of the things she use to need me to do is starting to become shorter. It's no longer the words of mama, dadda, ball and cat. Instead it's "I can do it" and "let me!" Learning to walk is now replaced by learning how to tie her shoes. All of the same things we were taught but now it's different when you are the one teaching. You are reminded of your own childhood when you become apart of theirs. I am more aware of the fact that my mother and grandmother were also young women who cared for their children the same way I do. It is an indescribable joy that is only understood by the other women who lived through the same seasons. No matter how cold it gets, I will always be warmed by my sunshine.

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